What is a helpdesk?

A simple look at what a helpdesk is and how it can help your business

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A helpdesk is a tool that organizes customer communication to help businesses respond to customers more quickly and effectively. Using a helpdesk allows your support team to offer the best possible experience to your customers.

Helpdesks offer features to provide context and insight into customer experiences and also provides internal features to benchmark the performance of your support team and ensure that your team is truly the cream of the crop. Helpdesk tools are one of the most integral tools when it comes to supporting a customer base successfully.


Who can use a help desk

Every company that does business with customers will benefit from a helpdesk. That being said, the needs a help desk fulfills depend on what size company you are, and what kind of business you do. Below we’ve broken it down three different factors to consider when using helpdesk systems.

Help Desks for Small Businesses or the Enterprise

Small Businesses
Running a small business means you can’t afford to make a single misstep with customers—you only have so many, after all. Given that, you have to go above and beyond to earn their trust and respect. That means everything from answering their questions, taking special requests, and even sometimes hopping on calls outside of regular hours. The level of commitment that you can offer to customers at this level will differentiate you from your competition. A good helpdesk designed for SMBs will help you sustain that level of commitment to all of your customers through helpful functionality that will scale with you as you grow.

A good helpdesk for enterprise enables faster collaboration between your teams, especially the ones outside of support, to help you deliver enterprise-class customer service. The faster your teams, like engineering or product, can hop into your helpdesk and investigate what might be going on with large-scale, or high-price problems, the better you can serve your high-value, enterprise customers.

The best thing, whether you are an SMB or an Enterprise, is that an excellent helpdesk will scale with you as you grow. There is nothing worse than having to throw something away after you have spent hours and hours on it.

Helpdesk suitable for different consumer segments

B2B stands for Business-to-Business Likely, in a customer service management software, B2B businesses will be looking for something that offers multichannel support, including channels like phone or chat. It would be especially good for their customer service management team if they could include phone recording, to review back on calls for quality control. B2B businesses will also find value in more robust and customizable reporting and automation with features such as escalations.

B2C stands for Business-to-Customer, and have slightly different needs from their B2B brethren. Often, because B2C products are usually a lower-price point than their B2B brethren, they have much higher volume with lesser-paying users. Because of that, the focus on support in B2C can lean towards things like community forums or a heavier focus on ticket deflection.

While there are certainly some businesses that are customers of B2C software, and there are some enterprise functionalities for B2C products, traditionally things like agent reporting saved replies, and agent coworking features will be more important for managers of B2C customer support teams. Because the volume can be higher in a B2C inbox, customer service management will benefit from having tools that stop duplicate tickets from being sent or let agents know that they are both working on the same conversation.


Why do people use a helpdesk?

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No matter who you are, it’s likely that you have multiple people interfacing with customers directly every day. If this is happening across several different email accounts with multiple different people, it can be tricky to have context into who is already speaking with a customer.

Helpdesk systems bring everyone’s interactions into one interface and allow different conversations to be cross-referenced and used for more context in the customer experience. It also allows for use of features such as categorization and automation as a means to keep track of what kinds of issues your customers are experiencing.

A helpdesk tool helps create organization out of chaos by keeping your ticket process clean and giving your agents the tools that they need to best do their job.


How a help desk can help you

If you’re wondering whether a help desk is right for you, you might be looking to level up your customer service experience for your customers. Implementing a helpdesk can help in many of the ways we listed above, but let’s look at each of these benefits individually.


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